• Bruno’s Gift

Bruno’s Gift


About this artwork

Bruno is a good friend. He’s a world traveler. Always curious about the particularities and peculiarities of the various cultures and societies he visits. His house is full of original artifacts that he collected over the years. Bruno is a geologist by formation and he’s always hungry for music. Good music. When Bruno decided to call his house “home”, he settled for one that had enough room for a billiard table. Actually, the house came with a billiard table and it was a good enough reason to choose it from many other houses. You already guessed: Bruno is a sucker for billiards. Recently, Bruno talked himself into becoming a sucker for playing golf too. Around his 50th anniversary, Bruno experienced some unexpected problems. One of Bruno’s feet had a mind of its own and decided to take a brake from helping Bruno move around. The broken leg had to be put in a plaster cast, for bad behavior. Bruno never made a fuss about it. He was rather mildly happy that he now had the time to read the books he so much loves. Because Bruno is a good friend and he can take a joke a long way, I made him a gift for his anniversary. This painting is Bruno’s Gift.

Take a look at the painting and see if you can spot all I said about Bruno, visually translated into the very objects that make the artwork.

Technical details

Dimensions :: 69.5 X 59.5 cm
Technique :: acrylic paints
Support :: canvas